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Hi all!  Home Economics doesn't exist anymore and The Food Network makes it look like you can't fry an egg without granite countertops, truffle oil, and a degree from culinary school.  I thought I would take a basic recipe and turn it into an ear-worm.  With any luck, the members of any choir that sings this and a good number of the people in the audience will remember how to make lentil soup forever.  

The pianist has to deal with accidentals and an irritating key signature, but the choral parts should sit comfortably for everyone, be easy to read, and it repeats, which should be user-friendly for high school chorus or amateur choral groups. 

How does this look?  Thanks for taking a look!



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Add youtube demo video.
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Thanks!  I figured if we all learned the "Fif-ty, Nif-ty, U-ni-ted States" song and the periodic table song, why not something for adults that would be a useful way to remember a skill?  

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