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Celtic- the New Rearrangement


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I'm very tired right now but there's a piece want to tell you all about.

About two years ago my composition teacher gave me my last homework-

to write a piece for a string orchestra, with a happy part and then a sad one.

I tried for a few weeks and nailed no success.

After a while a violinist past friend of mine offered me to write a piece for a children's string orchestra.

None of my pieces was performed before that.

I said yes and she insisted it should be like Folk Tune by Percy Fletcher.

So I wrote a Celtic tune and was original enough to simply call it "Celtic".

It had a happy and a sad part and had some references to Fletcher's piece.

The young orchestra performed it and I've never been happier.

And then I came back home and thought that that's it.

Here, I have the performance, it's done, I'll never look at it again.

I did reference it in some works I made afterwards,

because that was the first piece to be performed and it counts something for me.

You're welcome to go and look for the easter eggs.


And then, two years late, wandering through the forum looking for a new piece to review,

I came across @Hugget Zukker's piece, the Folk Parade (look for it, you won't regret it).

After listening to the final version I showed him my best folk work, 

the same homework task that was performed by the young orchestra.

And he agreed to use his instruments and plugins to make it shine more than ever before.

And so he did, he gave it lots of time and hard work,

here is the piece as it is now.


Please listen and give us feedback,

for the piece composed by me,

and then brought back to life by @Hugget Zukker,

who produced and arranged the current version.

We hope you enjoy it :)

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I had not heard the full story until now; interesting.

@Luis Hernández Thanks!


I am highly grateful for the opportunity, encouragement, and freedom I was given.

I was worried about doing something which might undermine the composer's intentions. It's a little bit scary to add driving percussion to another person's dear piece for strings.

It was at first a leap of faith to take it in this direction, but I'm relieved by how it worked out and Rabbival's reaction. I got his feedback and guiding hints along the way.

Edited by Hugget Zukker
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