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A Saturnside Storm

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Was inspired to make this after listening to some works by Joe Hisaishi.


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Watch your dynamics.

It sometimes feels like some notes are louder/softer than what they should be.

Also, and much of that is because of the dynamics, it doesn't feel like we're getting anywhere.

Yes, your general sound is great, but, for me, it feels like something is missing.

That's my favorite one:

Although the theme stays the same, there's a clear sense of movement.

He changes the instrumentation, the texture, the scales, the dynamics.

Also he has these little themes playing around, which are mostly developments of the main one.

Yes, he is repetitive of course, but pay attention to the fact that when he repeats himself it's usually won't appear the same way.

You might say "hey, Hisaishi used a huge orchestra! I only i used one piano! Stop saying I missed something!"

Yea well of course you can't get the same sound with one piano, you can't change the instrumentation, for example.

But try and play around with your theme. Make it clearer. 

That might be my favorite thing about Hisaishi's work. He uses his themes well.

Yes, he only has a few per movie, but when the theme returns you're like "omg yesssss".

Also, like other film composer, when you come back to the same thing with different texture people will also remember it.

I don't say make the soundtrack of The Last of the Mohicans". No, that's one of the worst scores I ever heard.

Don't take one theme and repeat it over and over again.

Create a theme and a few small ones to accompany it.

Repeat them in different textures, scales, harmonys... and a second voice to your main and then use it as a main reference later maybe. idk.

Have a sense of movement. So that it feels like we're moving. Maybe draw a line on a paper and follow it.


*I feel like I missed something too. That might be.

If you feel that something is wrong with my feedback let me know by writing @Rabbival507 in your message.












Also it doesn't sound much like a storm because of the lack of low notes and runs, and you should watch this:


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Thank you very much for the feedback

Yeah, I alway seem to struggle with dynamics so I´ll definetly work on that. Interesstingly enough I actually avoided creating movement in the piece on purpose attempting to create a kind of still water effect in the piece, I guess it´s my own fault for giving it an esoteric name which implies the complete opposite of what I was going for.

I actually watched the Sideways video before and used some of the techniques mentioned like quartal harmony.


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Rabbi is absolutely right about the dynamics. The opening sounds like each phrase could use at least dims, and maybe some rit. and slight rubato. While dynamics are in general a good thing in music, it’s especially needed in pieces like this, where the phrasing and swells and ebbs really adds “soul” to the music. Playing it at all the same volume is a huge disservice to the piece, and it even makes it hard to add constructive feedback, because that’s the most glaring issue. Some of the musical choices sound really nice, but it’s hard too appreciate them at a static volume.

I hope you can rework it with some dynamics sometime. Thanks for posting 🙂

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