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Whatsup everyone!

Been indulging in a bit of chillout lately, like to share a song I've made with some rhodes, trumpet, brass, guitar, wavy pads and some singing! Hope you like it. Peace.


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The mixing on the opening is a bit confusing with the keyboard louder than the vocals. 
I feel like there are some unnecessary chord extensions that kind of get in the way of the atmosphere for me personally: i.e. 0:43 Db∆7 instead of a triadic structure. I know it blends into the tonic, but that sometimes makes it feel a bit more out of place.
Could have used a bit more elaboration on the chord progression. It feels a bit quickly made at the moment, and there is a lot more to have done with it, especially since the tonic is not the first chord.
If you're going for a mood, you're almost there. I can't imagine it's supposed to be complex, but this otherwise doesn't make me think of anything super grounded in reality.

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