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This is a short piece from several years ago 


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This is an attractive piece. I do like the main theme and it did not feel repetitive because there was enough new material throughout to maintain interest.
If your intention was to write a piece as an exercise for the pianist then I would say mission accomplished: this is a nice piece to play through as a beginner/intermediate to practice rolling arpeggios.

However, if your intention here was a fully-fledged piece then I think your attractive opening few bars could have more impact if the music went off in a different direction before finally repeating the main theme again at the end. That said, the introduction of the right-hand doubled crotchets midway through were indeed effective in adding interest.

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It's a neat little exercise, with some interesting compound melody. 
Be very careful not to rely on linear intervallic patterns especially at a tempo like this, otherwise the audience will quickly lose the novelty aspect of extended voice leading.
Also be sure to smooth over instances of voice crossing with contrary or similar motion, but never oblique.

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