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I can't imagine this as a part of a Ghibli movie.

Also Howl's Moving Castle isn't really that old.

My main problem is that it sounds too similar to your other works.

Ok my tips can go in two ways, depends on what's more important for you-

Wacky Wizard- How about a percussion ensemble? 

Xylophone, Glockenspiel, Vibrophone, Chimes...

You could also try moving around in different scales,

maybe put two "unrelated" chords one after the other (I mean chords from different scales),

You could try adding more runs, trills, special rhythm changes and sudden jumps in the intensity.

Old Movie Soundtrack- Well you should simply listen to old movie soundtracks.

If your piece was a part of a soundtrack... then it would be one that was made in the last ten years probably.

Repeating the same staccato strings pattern with these epic choirs and brass... what is this? A superhero movie?  

A few bassoon parts and some glockenspiel at the end didn't change the full picture much.

About Gihbli in particular... there's a wonderful Sideways talk about it I already linked on this site several times.

The whole way Hisaishi shapes his music is inspired by his culture. Go learn a bit about Japanese music.

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Compositionally it's nice and works well together, but I agree there are some things that could bring out the character you're trying to portray. Like the moment with the bassoon and flute a little after 1:00, it reminds me of the Sorcerer's Apprentice. Also could be orchestrated differently to bring out an older feeling. Here's a link to something that's had me thinking differently, might be worth a watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4FNBMZsqrY. It's had me thinking differently about the way I approach my scores! Anywho, a nice piece with room for improvement and the promise of success if you choose to do that!



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