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Contrast - Veljko Nenadic


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Where'd you shoot this at? Pretty nice setup video/audio wise. I might toy with clarifying the audio a bit, though, I think some spectrums came out more clearly than others. Anyway, down to the composition! Really interesting bass riff in the faster section, and I love the harmonies you're exploring. Great exploration at 1:50 - careful about how much you let the pedal sustain notes, to avoid muddiness. When you return to the original style/motifs, consider throwing one out of every four repetitions in at a new octave to help outline the phrasing? I lost sense of time during this, felt sort of suspended abruptly.

Whoa - holy piano percussion Batman! That's a nifty idea! I think I may have considered putting it after the following section, or maybe introducing it with the bass riff or something - it was pretty out of left field. If it wasn't so cool I'm not sure I'd feel it belonged. Really tight ending, but I'd check out some of the technical stuff near the end - clarity counts!

A REALLY good composition, and a strong performance 🙂


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Really nice, energetic and virtuosic at times, also lyrical.

Have you ever composed a very slow piece, without virtuostic passages? I love you energetic and virtuosic parts, don't get be wrong, but to be creative in another way is always good for a composer. I noticed in another composition you posted you played also had virtuoso parts (east winds, great listening too!)

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