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Prelude no. 4


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Trying to write happier pieces as most of my stuff is depressing. Problem is I find it just sounds cheesy when I attempt it. This is one I finished today.

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I appreciate that you are branching out into other moods of music, though. It’s especially beneficial if you’re not used to it — getting out of the comfort zone is good. Making nothing but depressing music gets old after a while, too!


The opening theme is ok, but the voice leading and blocky chords are big issues that hamper it. I think that’s why you find it “cheesy.” For example, in the opening 3 or so bars, it’s clunky to have this melody accompanied by chords that are always in their root position. In mss. 6 and 7, the L.H. thirds jump around all over the place. Try not to force the music, but rather, let one thought lead naturally into the next, and it will begin to flow how you want it to.


The triplet sections are better. (I especially like the little grace notes in mss. 15 and 21.) The idea of having the more “solid” opening contrasted with a lighter staccato section is good and makes perfectsnese, it’s just the execution of the opening that needs work.


This was neat to listen to — thanks for sharing! 😌

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