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Five Eight-Measure Studies

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I like this kind of short pieces.

The thing is I understand a study is a development of something (motives, harmony, rhythm) but here you write a kind of exposition and no more. The second, for instance, seems the first phrase of a ballad. The third looks like a study.

Anyway, good music.

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These are pretty good! I especially love small pieces like this, and it's obvious that they're thoughtfully done rather than just scribbled down.

#1 - Nice cadence in measure 4! I also rather like the tone that comes from your spacing and register choice at the beginning. Some of your later measures get somewhat muddy, I think your doubled notes may be what I'm hearing...?

#2 - I'm not sure I'd have chosen some of your chromatic notes (m. 4, beat 4 = F in bass clef) (m6, beat 4 in bass clef). It's not obvious to me how they fit with the material before and after. Could be that I'm just overlooking something!

#3 - I LOVE THIS ONE! I think as a performer I'd be tempted to underplay the staccato notes so as not to distract from the other beautiful sustains. Make sure your slur in measure 6 extends to the end of the tie (the eighth note on beat 4) - at least that's how I would expect to see it.

#4 - Very effective, quite cute, for want of a better word.

#5 - Why is the piece in 3/4 meter rather than 6/8 meter? Your rhythmic grouping seems to lean towards 6/8, so just curious if there's a reason. Also in measure 4 you change the bass pattern, why is this the only different measure? I assume its to emphasize the cadence point? At first I didn't like it, but now it's growing on me and I'm wondering if I should even mention it at this point! 😄

In all, wonderful writing. I look forward to hearing more from you!

Gustav Johnson

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A neat little set of almost mini-etudes which highlight different pianistic techniques, particularly with the left hand.  I liked #4 the best since it had a dance-like character than I think elevated it over the others.  My only critique may be in #2 as the left hand has lots of parallel 5th which give it a "blocky" kind of character but that may have been deliberate.  I enjoyed them though overall.  If I could ever convince my daughter to start piano lessons, I'd use these little pieces to help her practice.

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