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Op. 4, "Ruins" -- No. 3 & 4

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Here are the next two pieces in my opus. The 3rd one is a little strange. It's a piece about empty bluster: loud, yet somehow hollow and unconvincing. Not that I want it to be unmusical, but the intention is to give off false confidence. The 4th piece is inspired by the thought of an underwater ruins being explored by a mermaid (oddly specific, I know). Not exactly an original thought, an "underwater ruins", but the idea is so hypnotic I couldn't help but include it in the series.


https://app.box.com/s/i79bm98uk2yll55i9lltjutzwjor9pt4    (Op. 4 No. 3 WAV File)

https://app.box.com/s/qal2yxlalkcqgduqicuh4uinwhqegx6z   (Op. 4 No. 3 PDF)

https://app.box.com/s/kobb0wu7rwz0wj440z19vmue35ei3if1   (Op. 4 No. 4 WAV File)

https://app.box.com/s/ocasb25vv0d9w5m3dcuyxjw3n3970kuj   (Op. 4 No. 4 PDF)


Note: Op. 4 No. 4, the key signature should be F Minor (I forgot to add the key signature), and the opening note shouldn't have a D# and E natural, but rather, an Eb and an Fb. I just haven't gotten around to fixing the score yet, but I will later.

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Beginning of the piece 3 was interesting. However a structure of the composition as for me was strange. I waited that first theme will be repeated on ending (as a structure ABA). But maybe I just too accustomed classical forms. Anyway your cycle is nice. How many parts does it have? 

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I’m just a teensy itsy bitty bit late in replying to these comments.


Luis: on the third one, sounds like you “got it” more or less. It’s meant to appear strong on the surface, but when you look beneath, you find that it’s just a “patch quilt” — something about it is “loose”, “false”, like, false bravado, false confidence, assertiveness without evidence — bluster. I can’t quite nail down the right words, but it’s akin to thoughts like these. And yes, the 4th piece is clearly superior, LOL.


 Alexx: it’s ended up having 6 pieces for the whole set.

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