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Suite for Tuba and Piano

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I have a composition recital coming up which will feature my compositions performed by one of my friends on euphonium, myself on tuba, and our quintet. For this recital, I composed suites for Tuba & Piano and Euphonium & Piano. 


I just finished and recorded this. You can hear some inspiration from Debussy and Gregson.

The sheet music will be available for sale after it has been premiered.

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Overall I thought it was really nice and very proficient. I especially liked the second movement.Your writing really shines in slow sections throughout the piece. The sonority of the tuba with those gentle arpeggiated piano chords is (somewhat unexpectedly) really nice. I was a little less captivated by the staccato section in the opening movement, but it was OK.

I will say that I thought the main 'riff' of the third movement -- while it was really fun, and I enjoyed the reference to Grieg -- seemed a little disconnected from the rest of the piece in terms of mood (both internally in the movement and with the other movements).  

As far as form goes, from one listen-through, it sounded like both the first and last movements of the piece had a pretty simple A-B-A form to them, with gentler 'B' sections offsetting more upbeat 'A' sections in both movements. This pattern is repeated in the piece at large, with the two more upbeat movements sandwiching a slower middle section. I think there may have been an opportunity for some further explorations in form -- perhaps adding development sections and / or some unexpected twists and turns could spice things up a bit. 

All in all, though, I think you've done a great job!

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