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Dear all,

I am writing a toccata for a piano composition competition. I just wonder if this piece is technically challenging enough to be a competition piece?

Are the 3-against-5 unnecessarily hard? It certainly add some spice to the work, but I think most ppl will prefer 3-against-6/4/2 (lol)

Surely I am not running out of ideas, but do you think the development is good?

Btw, do you think the soundtrack has improved? (I applied the Spitfire SoftPiano VST for my first time, also studying those reverb plugins)

Thank you.



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I love this piece.

But two things.

In the intro I would open the chord in m. 6.


the polyrhythmic section 3 / 5 would be possible for a professional pianist.And it's quite nice. But I think there is no transition between the normal rhythm part and this new one, and  the impression is the have nothing in common. I would try to work on a rhythmic transition.

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