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"Six little variations over the greek modes for flute and harp". Feedback appreciated! (DAW and musescore version)

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Hello everyone,

I have been studying music composition for 6 months over books and the internet but since none of my acquaintances knows about music composition the feedback I receive is null. I would greatly appreciate that you could give me any.

I highly recommend listening to the DAW version. I am also a beginner using DAW but still the quality of the sound is thousand times better.

There is really many things I do not know and many doubts, so I will be thankful for any feedback!


DAW (reaper) version: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gQuk0ZNcy8HyebqaTo9f492h6I9Ym2bD/view?usp=sharing

music sheet PDF: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ki_6TqUnc-REt1gMo0Hh0qx6sRgzdfgY/view?usp=sharing

musescore version: https://musescore.com/user/30851752/scores/6070225



About the song


The composition are six 30-seconds variations over the different greek modes (locrian exempted) in F. I set myself to follow some rules, such as using only diatonic notes (no raised 7th in minor modes either), an almost constant eight note rhythm for the middle voice and a similar beginning and ending of each variation for every mode. The original theme was the Ionian mode and from there I decided to write a similar 10 bar piece for each greek mode for practicing.

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I love the experiment. It's especially helpful to me to hear the same theme in different modes right next to each other, as I play with re-moding melodies all the time. The one thing I wish was different was that the everything felt very measured, meaning the harmonic changes were always symmetrical and predictable. Don't be afraid to extend or shorten part of a phrase within your theme to keep the momentum from growing stagnant.

A good exercise 🙂 Also decent work with the DAW 🙂


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Thank you so much for your feedback Gustav! 🙂 I agree with you, I was afraid to change the atmosphere too much and kept the beat and harmonic rhythm too constant throughout the piece, but, as you commented, the piece would clearly benefit from some unexpected changes on the harmonic rhythm.

Thank you so much for listening and reviewing!!

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