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Here is a little track that I composed. Any feedback would be really appreciated. The idea should be pretty clear from the title. I've also attached  the score, just in case


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Wow, you have a lot to say in such a short time. I definitely hear programmatic elements here, as if it were to be the underscore of a video game or a film. Perhaps this is what you are going for, but if not, I feel like you are leaving a lot to be desired. The  almost triptych form in the piece could be so much more developed and tied together to really expand much of the wonderful ideas in the piece.  Otherwise, the sudden changes make me feel like listening to three different short pieces especially the transition at mm 21 and 70. The transitions are so sudden that it makes it hard to reflect on what came before. I think there is a lot of potential for expansion in these areas.

Finally, the ending is lacking something. It's sounds so open, almost unfinished, which given the tonality centric piece this is, sound very abrupt. I think you could add a few more measures just to tie it down and end on a chord that is more closed/complete.

Nice piece overall, I enjoyed many of the elements, rhythms, and harmonies that you have created here, and especially love the addition of the synths and effects in the guitars early on!


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