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I think that the piano is not required on the first part.

Also you might want to expand the chords, I'm not sure what you used there but it felt rather simple.

I like the second section better.

On 1:37... shouldn't you add a run of some sort? say an organ run?

The music could feel way more intense with a fast melody line (because it seems that pretty much everything is chord prog)

Overall it sounds nice, just too simple. I'd think it deserves more melodic lines, poly rhythms etc.


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I'd tend to agree that the introduction is probably the weaker section, in my opinion. It's clearly a sort of buildup, but that can be done rhythmically too, without sacrificing the slow feeling of the section! It sounds like you might be relying on volume and layering a bit too much instead of orchestration, which I understand but might be a little too linear, so to speak. 

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