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Three days ago we had to help one of our dogs (Urka) to pass away. This is for her...





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Hey Luis...  a long time away for me.. intriguing piece..  I've gone thru the deaths of a few friends recently.. Not mates, close family, but friends I've had for many decades, and knew well. I struggled to a degree with their passing, but somewhat used to this as I have lost a lot of family friends over the last 30 years.  They are just at a more steady and faster rate now.  What concerned me more was the suffering of those who remained, wives, sons, daughters, etc.   So in a way I feel your choice of the two instruments and the motifs they played, reflects your  emotions and realization, and the other members of your family. For a pet is a very loved member of the family. 


These thoughts eally made me re-evaluate my perception of death yet again..  And your piece reminds me of the different thoughts/feelings I was experiencing.  At odds at the beginning but gradually becoming more unified. 

 The beginning piano statements, are sort of reaching out, trying to find something cohesive to latch on to, but can't decipher the pattern in the data it's receiving..The descending notes, feel like leaves falling off the tree in fall,  (The consciousness is trying to make sense of what's happening to it,  but can't a repeatable data as bodily process slow and come to a stop, the need for nourishment stops, 

The brass/oboe? is gradually sinking (unconsciousness understands there is nothing to exactly correlate it too)..   So as these two instruments wander, trying to find their place, they gradually become more in tandem with each other.

  I know this is a kind of ' very outside' observation.  But your piece reflects, and also helps me to understand my own re-assment of accepting the death of someone I cared about. 

Sort of like the soul or another term, one aspect of consciousness understands it is time to leave the physical body, Another consciousness (the ego, personality, does not want for this to happen, the body itself understands, and relinquishes control. Gradually the ego, is forced to accept the transition.. 

Not sure if any of this resonates with you..  But I have always found your ability to create meaning with a minimum of notes, and parts, a great skill.  

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