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Piano waltz in c minor - "Paris" (with sheet music)


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Hello & thanks for visiting!

This is my latest piano waltz called "Paris".

It's my second piece in my series of waltzes dedicated to famous cities. This time I tried to utilize more chromatic and dissonant elements in my composition and to vary the chord patterns more than in the previous waltz Op.4 No.1 "Vienna".

It is a rather simple and short piece that has the following form:

A - B - B' - C1 - C2 - A' - B - B'

A: A quiet introduction theme in c minor

B: Main theme in c minor

B': A more dramatic and vivid variation of B

C1: First intermediate theme in c minor

C2: Second intermediate theme in C major that leads over to A'

A': A more dramatic and vivid variation of the introduction theme A

This piece was originally composed in a piano roll. Since I'm not a trained musician and it's my second attempt in writing sheet music I want to apologize for any mistakes in the score.

Thank you for listening and I hope you enjoy!

Feel free to comment!

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