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As a religious person myself, I encountered different spiritual warfare everyday and one day I tried to create the warfare with music. I ended up writing a string orchestra piece with some interesting harmonies and repetitive melodic shape. I think I'm starting to discover my kind of harmony which is great, hope you all enjoy this ūüôā

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On 8/17/2020 at 3:58 AM, Luis Hern√°ndez said:

Also, those double stops in the double bass ... I think they're very hard.

I was going to say the same, but maybe it's implied divisi?

With that said, I liked this one. I think you would get a better effect if you gave the cello/viola some of the content of the bass. Harmonically I felt like there were some clashes, but it could be an orchestration thing idk. 

Overall, nice work! It's obvious you gave this one a lot of attention; I love the generally clean score. I'm excited to hear more from you and how your sound develops!

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