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Childhood Home


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This is a piece I wrote a little while ago and forgot to post. It makes me think of my childhood home; hence the name. I know that the harmonies aren’t too advanced, and I gladly welcome advice or suggestions as to how to complicate it a little more!

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Yes, @Luis Hernández is absolutely right, the main problem with the piece, in my opinion, is that you don't use your options of more complex harmony and polyrhythm.

In other words- you don't use the fact you have a piano there. Look at other oboe concertos and pay attention to the changes in dynamics and textures, to the contrast between the instruments, to the more complex harmonies etc...



The piano is just background harmony, but wow does it give the oboe more power, and that's a pretty colorful harmony.

Here's a link:





btw i just listened and found out that's a whole orchestra, but have in mind- this could have been a piano as well.

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