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Modern JRPG style battle theme song, my greatest creation up to date!

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Under the spreading chestnut tree,

let us play J R P G


To me it feels a little too slow compared to other JRPG battle themes I know, too calm and chill in general.

Like, have in mind all those final fantasy "Ta! Ta! Ta!" (https://youtu.be/Op-RBEhJrNw) and "Dum Dum Dum Dum Dum Dum" (https://youtu.be/fPoOtOcuRqw)...

Not to say that it's not a good piece, it is, but to me it doesn't meet the requirements for the term "JRPG Battle Theme"

change scales, use percussions, give your base player a stage, increase the rhythmic pulse, spill in some action...ย 

You could do what I do when I experiment with JRPG music- download Pokemon Uranium and replace the battle music file.ย 

That could give you a good sense of what it would be like as a background music for a real game.


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I definitely agree, I don't know if I would consider it a battle theme or not. I love the songย 100% and think that it's super awesome, but I don't get battle vibes from it.ย 

There's definitely a strong RPG feel to it, but the intensity level and structure of it doesn't quite strike me as something to fight to. It feels more like an intense song for completing a level.

This definitely has the makings of a strong battle piece, especially with your clear sense of rhythm and ability to write strong guitar parts.

For the structure that you generally want to look for in a theme like this, I would highly recommend checking out these two links. They have simple and clear examples of how to build and structure a strong battle piece somewhat similar to your genre. Overall though, I really enjoy your song and think it's actually one of the best I've ever seen on this site. Keep on writing!



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It's not really frantic enough and having a huge, soaring melody to really be a JRPG battle them. The instrumentation is also pretty unlike what is common in those games.

I do think the keys are in the right direction.

Most of these JRPG battle themes rip from Final Fantasy, which famously always begins with the same sort of 2-note bassline. Also, you might consider an odd time signature.

As well as orchestra over top of the rock band.

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I disagree with you 3.

I totally approve the concept direction of the battle. Just listen to some Atlus jrpg games (Shin Megami Tensei/Persona series, except Persona 1 and 2 which music while in combats was Electronica.)

I totally love your song and can see the art direction the game is aiming

p.s I'm an Atlus and Shoji Meguro big fan, and your battle theme was a mix of SMT:DDS 1 battle and bosses themes to my ears. ๐Ÿ™‚

I'm an anti-conventions composer, if you wish we could stay in touch, I'm also learning coding and blender.


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