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Op4 Nr6 Threnody to the Victims of Novel Coronavirus Pneumoia

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The video: 作品4之6 新冠肺炎受难者的挽歌_哔哩哔哩_bilibili

This is a piece of  quasi-serial music. The theme is a sequence composed of 16 quarter notes and marked with serial numbers such as 1,2,3,4,5,...,15,16. When it is performed by violin I for the first time, it only plays the first note; second time it plays the first and second notes; third time plays the first, second and third notes..... it deals rather freely with the rhythm. Violin II performs the theme with double duration of violin I's notes, starts from the first one, adds one additional note every new turn. Viola performs the inverted theme. Compared with violin II, it also doubled the duation. Start from the first note, adds one additional note every new turn. Cello performs the inverted retrograde theme. Compared with viola, it also doubled the duation. From the first note, adds one additional note every new turn. Contrabass plays the retrograde theme with double duation once more. (As the duation of the note has already been enlarged to infinity, what you hear are exclusively long notes). Start from the first note and add one additional note every new turn. When violin I played the theme for 16 times, the whole theme had been demonstrated. In spite of the fact that other voices showed only a part of the theme, some of them stopped and entered the Coda. Following violin I, Violin II plays the theme again with double duation. Then Viola played it once more with another double duation. The music finished with long notes of 8 bars when the theme had been showed completely on viola. Of course, there are three filling voices beside the theme, inverted theme, retrograde theme and inverted retrograde theme to keep music full and pleasant to the ear. From time to time you can also find the strikes of timpani and campana. It is to express the grief to the dead. Hope everyone feel the ingenuity of this music and have a sympathy for the feeling I intended to convey.

Op4 Nr6 basic elements.jpg

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I like this work a lot. It's under the influence of Pärt, and other "mystics"? I love it. Great idea the inclusion of tipani and tubular bells over the strings.... Also the multiple string lines remind me the beginning of Lohengrin.

Besides, I feel a bit touched because I almost died last year because of coronavirus pneumonia, I had to stay 4 months in the intensive unit care.

So, thanks.

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I agree with Luiz - It reminds me of Pärt's music - almost pure and religious. For some reason, as the music progress, I think of some choral sections entering and singing latin lyrics in resonance with the strings.

And that's a good choice of sequence... Melancholy always comes with never ending downward notes 

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