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Found 24 results

  1. Hello! I was commissioned to write an orchestra piece, and I have just finished my first draft of the piece. I would like to hear your comments/criticism. Keep in mind, I have a 3.5 minute max time (with a 10-15 minute rehearsal time, as it is for a summer concert), and I wanted to fit in as many textures and ideas as I could with easy to rehearse parts. A big part of my style is to create "samplers" of the many ideas I have and focus less on making it a completely cohesive "piece." I use a few melodies/bits that stay present throughout and build upon those. Thank you, and if you take the time to reply to my piece I am more than happy to take the time to comment on one of yours 🙂 Enjoy!
  2. The video: 作品4之6 新冠肺炎受难者的挽歌_哔哩哔哩_bilibili This is a piece of quasi-serial music. The theme is a sequence composed of 16 quarter notes and marked with serial numbers such as 1,2,3,4,5,...,15,16. When it is performed by violin I for the first time, it only plays the first note; second time it plays the first and second notes; third time plays the first, second and third notes..... it deals rather freely with the rhythm. Violin II performs the theme with double duration of violin I's notes, starts from the first one, adds one additional note every new turn. Viola performs the inverted theme. Compared with violin II, it also doubled the duation. Start from the first note, adds one additional note every new turn. Cello performs the inverted retrograde theme. Compared with viola, it also doubled the duation. From the first note, adds one additional note every new turn. Contrabass plays the retrograde theme with double duation once more. (As the duation of the note has already been enlarged to infinity, what you hear are exclusively long notes). Start from the first note and add one additional note every new turn. When violin I played the theme for 16 times, the whole theme had been demonstrated. In spite of the fact that other voices showed only a part of the theme, some of them stopped and entered the Coda. Following violin I, Violin II plays the theme again with double duation. Then Viola played it once more with another double duation. The music finished with long notes of 8 bars when the theme had been showed completely on viola. Of course, there are three filling voices beside the theme, inverted theme, retrograde theme and inverted retrograde theme to keep music full and pleasant to the ear. From time to time you can also find the strikes of timpani and campana. It is to express the grief to the dead. Hope everyone feel the ingenuity of this music and have a sympathy for the feeling I intended to convey.
  3. This last Sunday, my new piece, "Tastes of the Orchestra," was premiered at the Dubuque Symphony's Summer Melodies concert. I would love to hear your thoughts, comments. Thank you for listening! Score video:
  4. This is a piece of chance music for any combination of instruments. The basic elements of it are 38 phrases vary from 1 to 10 bars. They can be combined vertically and horizontally at random. Everyone of them can be arranged into any octave position on the score. So, the performer must be careful to accord with other performers to secure the coordination of the music. This piece doesn't have a ready-made full score. The specific form of it depends on the improvisations of the performers on basic elements, and therefore each new performance can be counted as a new piece. The audio demonstrated 3 combinations, while the actual combinations are far from these. Isn't it an insteresting thing that performer can use his imagination to create infectious music and take part in the composing process? This kind of avant-garde technique absoultely get rid of the tradition that the performer had been imprisoned by score. It is a fresh new way to organize music. It is not only chance music, but also minimalism. chance music+minimialism=impromptu minimalism. Hope you like it! The video: 作品4之5 重复的艺术_哔哩哔哩_bilibili
  5. hello everyone, I am back, this is my new piece, hope you like it! the video: 作品4之4 重复的艺术_哔哩哔哩 (゜-゜)つロ 干杯~-bilibili
  6. this is my third endeavor exploring into the minimal music, please comment and tell me your feeling of listening to it the video: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1A64y1U7tv/ the admistrator told me to comment on other people's pieces, if I am free, I will do it!
  7. this is my second endeavor in exploring into the minimalistic music, hope you like it! the video: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1M5411A76s/
  8. this is my new piece in minimal style, hope you like it, you can give me some suggestion if you like. the video: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1Zv411h7ZN/
  9. Hi, This is the newest movement of my orchestral project, Suite of Minimalism. I cannot decide if I am fully happy with it like the other two movements, and I would like your idea of how the ending could be improved, and if you guys even like it. Philip's Time Machine has some of my favorite moments of music I have written yet, but I can almost tell the second half of the piece sounds rushed. Maybe I am crazy though. If you guys agree and give me some pointers, I will probably spend more time working on it and be back here in another few weeks.
  10. Hi everyone! I am a 17 year old composer looking to improve and share my music! I love creating music and leaving my footprint on the musical world :). After a brief hiatus and a sudden burst of inspiration, I completed the second movement of my biggest (yet) composition project - a suite made as an hommage to minimalism. This is turning out to be some of the coolest music I have ever written, and the most proud I have been of my own music yet. If you have not heard the first movement - Groove in 5/8 - yet, check it out on my profile! I hope you enjoy "Amongst the Ocean on a Speedy Sailboat"! Let me know your thoughts, criticisms, and what you imagine when listening to it, as well as your favorite parts!
  11. I am writing a Pet Suite. I have 7 animals with me (3 dogs + 4 cats). Each one is unique. I am writin a couple of pieces for everyone thinking how they are and I feel about them. Byron is my biggest boy. He is very active, but tender with other dogs, with cats, children... The music is in a minimalit style. I listen Philip Glass Studies almost every night, I love him... BYRON.mp3 BYRON.pdf
  12. Hi guys, I am posting one of the pieces for solo piano, which I wrote for the movie. Feedbacks are very appreciated!
  13. HELLO!!! Here is my piece called "3-4-5". I know, the title is pretty strange. That is why I am adding pdf file with the notes, so you can check it and find out, why the piece is called this way! Otherwise, if you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave them here or in PM. (Hopefully, pdf is not empty this time) Wish you all the best!
  14. Hello everybody! Here is my piece called "Factory". So basically, the title says everything about the idea. In this piece, I try to convey the "chaos" of XXI century, to be exact, work in the factory. So I thought the best way to recreate the feeling of it would be to use a few minimalism techniques. Hope you like it and enjoy! I attach audio file and notes in pdf file, you can find all information in there.
  15. Please listen until the end. Feedbacks are very appreciated!! Enjoy your life <3
  16. Sketch_No._149.mp3 So I know some of you think piece is garbage and that's okay. I quite like it. Congrats if you make it to the end and understand it.
  17. I'd been thinking about doing a reduced version of a very old piece of mine, "The Oort Cloud," for a long time. I believe it was the first piece I posted here three/four years ago (which I've since deleted). It was interesting to go back through the "orchestral score" and see how much I've learned since then, and it was a challenge to keep it interesting with the limited instrumentation (not to mention the total absence of a second theme). I tried my best to use some minimalist techniques [subtle changing of rhythms and intense repetition, which is pretty much my entire knowledge of the genre ] and some more contemporary tonal and harmonic language than what I usually go for. Since this isn't really my wheelhouse, I'm happy to hear any thoughts, suggestions, criticism, etc. Thanks for listening! EDIT: Also, for those that may be confused by the title: the Oort Cloud is the outermost ring of gas, dust, and other interstellar debris that is theorized to circle around our sun at an extreme distance, even beyond the dwarf planets, asteroids and other (larger) objects of the Kuiper Belt.
  18. Hi All! I attempted a minimalist work. I've always been intrigued with this genre, and really get into the "trance"-like grooves that the rhythms create. Like many things, it's a simple concept but to do it well is difficult. The body percussion in the middle of the piece is "played" by percussion instrument sounds in this demo. Let me know what you think! Thanks, Gustav
  19. I also like minimalism, so, now and then, I put it in practice, just for fun: tonal, modal, phasings, additions, substractions, double valor of notes, modulation note by note, etc....
  20. Experimenting with a bit of minimalism in a really grand, cinematic style, with exception of the V section, of course. I quite like the results, even if the piece is a little bit too simple.
  21. This is my first sonata, it has two movements. In first, I played with the esthetic of minimalism, and in the second I clashed few different styles in rondo-like form to get some comic but still captivating effect. Feel free to give any comment, advice, suggestion :)
  22. Written on piano, used Mixcraft for editing.
  23. Regina coeli (Queen of Heaven) is a latin verse and chant for the Easter Holidays. In the spirit of 2016's Easter, I made this composition for regular SATB choir with the following syntax: The sentences of the verse before every "alleluia" are repeated twice. Firstly forte, then piano (as an echo). The "allaluia" parts are trying to follow the same harmonies and structure. I deem this piece as a minimalist-styled choral, because it's simple rhithmics, harmonies, and modesty. Recorded with Garritan Instruments' choir soundbanks.
  24. - Batter My Heart from Doctor Atomic.Right there, above here, is my favorite Adams piece simply for its emotion. You should listen to it before you even start to judge from the Name alone. John Adams is a living, breathing, successful, ridiculed American composer. His music battled serialism and promoted expression in music with the use of independent line and a minimalist approach. It's not about rules, it's about breaking them just like the other 20th century composers did to obtain an effect... Now. This is the ultimate question in music in this day and age... Where does Minimalism fit? Personally? I LOVE John Adams and he is NOT a minimalist composer. But, others put him in that category, which is why this topic has been brought up. What separates him from Minimalism and what makes him unique from that style. Is he brilliant? Or, is he just another composer who hashes out random, meaningless melodies with mostly orchestral color? Or, is the fact that his music is so environmental make him a genius? These are all things to consider. If you DON'T know him, I suggest reading a bit about him here: http://www.earbox.com/biography.html Then, listening to some key works: - On the Transmigration of Souls. This is his Pulitzer piece... It's not my favorite, but an important one for a discussion on Adams' technique. - Phrygian Gates. Just ONE of his piano pieces that are BEAUTIFUL. The way is subtly mixes harmonies is the way Philip Glass SHOULD have composed. ;) This is where his minimalist side comes out the most. - The Death of Klinghoffer previews: Her song is SO emotional and beautiful. - The Night Chorus from Death of Kling. is very good. It shows off his sense of "beat" and power in a choir. Not the best recording of it, but still a nice exposure. - A little bit from his famous opera Nixon in China. - of course an excerpt from Dharma at Big Sur. He has a lot of Eastern influences in this piece, apropos to the title, of course. - a String Quartet movement that would put Corigliano in his graveeee. haha. jkjk, but really, it's genius stuff here. John has a knack for orchestration, so give him limited instruments and he goes CRAZY. - China Gates, some more avant garde of his stuff. :DFeel free to search around Youtube for more deliciousness. He has MANY compositions that are simply breathtaking. But, a lot of people don't find them enjoyable and they call him a cop out or a "minimalist". But, in my opinion, and in his too, his music is so incredibly complex, that minimalism is almost an insult rather than a complement. Now, others will argue that it means he takes very limited material and does a lot of complicated stuff with it... you decide and tell me what you feel about John Adams, the American Composer.
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