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Alright, I made some revisions to my piece. Not everything with the MIDI version is perfect (gradual tempo changes straight up don't work), and when I tried to add dynamics my computer crashed so there isn't any of that here either. But hopefully this will at least give you an idea as to where this thing is going.

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I think that you're getting in the right mindset with some of the changes you made, so good job!

I think that you have the right heart with an addition of phrase marks starting in b. 42 - I wouldn't notate it in this way, however. With something like this, I would consider: what the piano could potentially be pedaling (something you could add, but wouldn't be necessary); when new phrases begin and end; and the character of the music. If you want more of a legato effect, I would simply add it in this case (leaving out the very long phrase marks). It can be more difficult in hindsight, so I'd suggest you carry that with you into the future!

In a similar manner, adding different articulations - like in b. 54 - can potentially be difficult to gauge working retrospectively.

It's a shame that your program is having difficulty inputting dynamics! I suppose, it's important to contemplate the dynamic balance of the piece - it could certainly be as important as pitch/harmony/rhythmic.

These are just a few thoughts, and I hope you find some of them useful! 

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I haven't made a direct comparison with the original but this does sound more dramatic. The Erlkönig's part now takes on a more seductive sound as it should and the ending is superior; some harsh, woeful chords there. It also seems you've varied the dynamics by way of the arrangement...like I say I haven't referred back to the original but if you ever get software that handles dynamics, I dare say you'll make changes.

If I might suggest a rall toward the closing bars (IIRC you said your software won't do ralls but it would be worth writing it in on the score). 

Well done.

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