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Étude in G sharp minor

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This is my second post on the Young Composers community, and I would like to present my recent piano composition. This piano piece is a short étude in the key of G sharp minor, a study for developing right-hand dexterity. Besides, this composition was an attempt to write a perpetuum mobile, consisting of notes of equal length played rapidly.

Let me know what you think about this piece. I hope you will enjoy it!

Carl Koh Wei Hao

P.S. The audio was generated in MuseScore 2.3.2.

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Very good piece! It reminds me of Chopin's Op. 69 first phrase beginning a lot, piece I like a lot, and it rapidly takes a detour and find its own path. It would be fantastic if anyone out there played it, as despite of plain musescore 2 doing its best, there is nothing (at least not any free software) that could replace some skilled pianist :). On a side note, some brief rit. musescore does don't seem to be marked (measure 22-23, 67-68 for example). The end is very satisfying to hear, loved the last arpeggio.

Kind regards; thank you for sharing it!


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Hi @Carl Koh Wei Hao,

I enjoy this very much and I am the same with Daniel that it reminds me of the Fantaisie-Impromptu! The modulation to Eb major reminds me the second movement of Chopin's Third Piano Sonata and the Eb major section of his first ballade. The accented chords of b.80-81 seems unrealistic but other than these the recording is great! Your ending is great with that tranquillo and misterioso touch. Thanks for sharing!


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