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Master The Score is live + free giveaway!

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Hey fellow music producers,

we are very proud to announce that Master the Score is finally opening it‘s gates. Master The Score offers high quality online courses for media composers and producers, taught by industry professionals. Have a look at our line up of upcoming courses:


Cinematic Music Production
by Adam Lukas

Taught by Emmy Award winning composer at Hans Zimmer‘s Bleeding Fingers in LA, Adam Lukas provides invaluable insights into his music production process.

The Art of Virtual Orchestration- Professional Mock-Up Production
by Benny Oschmann

If you have been waiting for a course to take your mock-up production to the next level then we have you covered. This course will teach you everything you need to know to program your orchestral instruments as good and realistic as they can be.

Organic Horror
by Christoph Allerstorfer

In this course, professional composer Christoph Allerstorfer, with trailer credits like Avengers: Endgame, Star Wars and It 2, teaches you how to come up with professional horror productions. After teaching you the essentials of his style, he walks you through two of his tracks which can be heard in the main trailers for „Midsommar“ and „High Life“.

Trailer Music: Hybrid Orchestral Composition and Sound
by Randon Purcell

Professional composer Randon Purcell with trailer credits like Godzilla vs Kong, Call of Duty Modern Warfare and World of Wacraft, nowadays works exclusively for BrandX Music in LA. In his course he dissects one of the most demanded styles in today‘s trailer and production music industry. Besides teaching you everything you need to know to come up with massive hybrid orchestral tracks, he walks you through his own productions with one of them being used in the promotional camapaign for World of Warcraft.

Sound Design for Media Composers- Creative Processing Techniques
by Simon Haglund

Simon is a professional sound designer and trailer music composer, with his tracks being used in campaigns by Disney or Ubisoft. In his new course he teaches you the creative process behind his unique sound. This course will make sure you have the abilites to create your own earth-shattering sounds from scratch to give your productions a unique touch.

20th Century Orchestral Writing- a modern twist to oldschool Hollywood
by Mattia Chiappa

If you are one of these composers who would love to bring their orchestral writing to the next level than this is the course you have been waiting for. Orchestral Virtuoso Mattia Chiappa with credits like Netfix, BBC and discorvery documentaries, teaches you how to write in the style of Hollywoods golden era and how to develop your composition and orchestration from a simple idea into more complex material with constant changes that keep the listeners fascinated.

The Pillars of Orchestration- Basics and Beyond
by Ryan Leach

Award winning composer Ryan Leach, with credits like Netflix, Dinsey and MTV is an expert when it comes to music theory. In his course he focuses on fundamentals like harmony, melody, accompaniment and counterpoint and takes you on a journey that will take you from the basics to an advanced level of music composition. Even if you are an advanced composer already, this course will strengthen your knowledge and provide an invaluabe training method.

Trailer Music: Elevation
by Laszlo Marodi

Laszlo is a full time trailer composer writing for some of the biggest trailer music labels in the world including, SPM Music Group, Brand X Music and JDM Music+ Sound. For his course „Elevation“ he revolutionizes the way of teaching modern trailer music and delivers a complete guide to sign ready tracks.

First realease and giveaway:

We are proud to start this musical journey with our first release which will be open for enrollment on April 17th. We start our musical journey with a free giveaway. Make sure to subscribe via the link below for a chance to win Mixing Cinematic Music for free.


Mixing Cinematic Music:

Mixing Cinematic Music was designed to be the most complete cinematic mixing course out there. Tought by professional mixing and mastering engineer Joël Dollié with credits like Ubisoft, Netflix and Riot Games, this course will make sure your cinematic productions will sound as good as they can. The course is devided into four sections


  • Section one focuses on the fundamentals of mixing. From tonal balance, to dynamics and creating depth in a mix everything is covered. This section prepares you for everything that follows.
  • Section two focuses on mixing and Eqing different instruments. Every instrument in the orchestra has their strengths annd problem areas. Joel teaches you how to process these instruments in detail to make them shine. This section of short instrument specific videos was built like an encyclopedia that you can always come back to, to check how a cretain instrument was processed.
  • Section three is all about mixing sound design elements. Since sound design plays a huge roll in modern trailer and film music, Joel dedicates a whole section on how to process these elements. From braams, risers, synth and fx elements, everything will be covered.
  • Section four finally puts everything you learned so far into practice with no less than 7 complete mix deconstructions by industry professional composers like Adam Lukas, Mattia Chiappa, Christoph Allerstorfer and Luke Olney. We made sure to cover a variety of different genres like modern cinematic music, classic hollywood style tracks, live orchestral recordings, hard hitting trailer music, hybrid horror soundtracks and more.

Mixing cinematic music delivers over 17 hours of content with more than 90 lessons and sells for an intro price of 399$ until 1st of May.

Students of Joels previous course „Orchestral Music Mixing“ will be eligible for a loyalty discount and will be notified directly by Joel.

For more information please check the course page:




Happy composing everyone:-)

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Benny Oschmann is the best MIDI mockup guy out there and doing "golden age" style Romantic scores. I'm willing to bet this will be this company's flagship course when it comes out. They apparently also have Mattia Chiappa, who is also very good, doing a "20th Century Style" course.

Ryan Leach is also a fantastic teacher.

For that trio alone, and especially the two courses by Mattia and Ben, this is definitely worth checking out.

This something that will probably give Alain Mayrand at Scoreclub a run for his money, tbh


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