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'Little Aria' for organ


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Hello! I'm very new to this platform, but I am a young composer who thought I might find some good feedback and interactions here.

Here is my first submission; a short little 'aria' for organ that I have been working on for the last couple of days. It is perhaps more conventional, harmonically and otherwise, than some of my other works. I took direct inspiration from Noel Rawsthorne's 'Aria' (which I am currently learning myself) in many features of the piece, particularly the form and structure.

A computer playback version will have to do for now, I'm afraid, but I will try and record this myself when I go in to my local church for some organ practice this week. I hope my registration instructions and our imaginations will be able to overcome the registration of this synthesized version, particularly in the computer's conservative interpretation of ritardandos.

Any feedback or suggestions are very welcome!

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Hi @paoscomi,

Welcome to the forum! I really enjoy this little aria, even it's just a computer rendition! It sounds really nice for me. For me it's a good usage of the ternary structure. I love the harmony in it, it's not compelety conventional with the added notes, and it adds colour to it. 

51 minutes ago, paoscomi said:

It is perhaps more conventional, harmonically and otherwise, than some of my other works.

Would be willing to listen your other works as well!

You can also take your time to review other pieces here. There are many talented composers here and I'm sure mutual exchange will benefit you greatly!

Thanks for sharing!


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Late welcome to the forums! Hope our feedback here be of any use. Let's dive into it.

• The piece is solid I would say, though I think an a tempo marking would be more optimal in M11 (just as you did in later measures) unless you want to keep with the poco rit. all the way till... Another poco rit.? I suppose not.

• The GREAT RED WATERMARK could also be replaced by something like this at the bottom of the —or each, in case your work has more than one— page: image.png
You could also add your name or alias in the top of the first page:image.png
I think that solution is more elegant but it's a matter of tastes after all.

• How are dynamics introduced in the organ? Since I'm not an organ connoisseur, I only kinda know that changing registers could be a way to do it but how is it done without it? As far as I know, organs have not the kind of weighted keys a piano has and thus they cannot do dynamics the way pianos do.

Kind regards,

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Yes, a bit late for me too but as I'm working on some organ stuff as a sideline so...

A nice bright piece that would make a good interlude in almost any setting - liturgical or concert.

I notice you gave no registration for the pedal or solo. Perhaps a little more to the solo (manual) if that's the one 'solo' just to bring it out a little more. And what stops is the pedal using?

Well done, anyway.

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