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'Images for Solo Flute'


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A little slightly more contemporary piece for solo flute that I have been working on for a while.

In the first movement, I make use of a ‘filtering’ technique to develop the material; I began the piece by writing out a progression of modes, a few notes altered by a few semitones each time, which I work through to gradually modulate (with some exceptions!). I went for senza misura for this movement as I was looking for a more contemplative and tranquil tone, hence the title 'Penseroso', and to give performers as much space and creative opportunity as possible, which I something I always strive for.

I contrast this with the virtuosic and frantic nature of the second movement ‘Scherzando’. I began by planning a sequence time signatures to be repeated, in such a pattern that an audience would be oblivious, to convey this freneticism. I develop this sequence; I designed an exchange in length within the piece of the high, loud, staccato sections and low, softer legato sections, in which the staccato sections gradually grow shorter as the legato sections grow longer, until roughly halfway, when the staccato sections lengthen again, and the legato sections shorten (I hope I worded that clearly enough!). I am particularly pleased with the sudden shock ending of this movement, designed in contrast to the soft a niente’ of the first movement.

I managed to persuade a flautist friend to record this for me, and they have done an excellent job. I hope you enjoy the sounds of a real instrument, unlike last time!

Any feedback and suggestions much appreciated.

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I enjoy the flute solo. Your flautist friend does an excellent job for you! A midi won't have the effect displayed here.

The con moto non troppo rubato section in the first movement is really funny for me, and I enjoy the overall contemplative movement.

I love the Scherzando even more. I think both movements are idiomatic to flute and show the timbre of it, in different ways. Here it definitely shows how naive and childish a flute can be! I find the ending not shockinh but very satisfying to a scherzando movement!

Thanks for sharing! I enjoy your work and please share more!


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I love this, your harmonic language is quite nice. I especially love hearing the breaths in the live recording, and the flute player did a wonderful job. 

Be sure to comment on others' music, as you're sure to get more feedback and possibly make some friends along the way. Thanks for sharing

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