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YC March update: New badges and Night theme

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Hi again, ladies and gentlemen.

Since we've been doing some "under the hood" changes and small additions to the forum, I thought it would be nice to have a post to summarize the latest ones. I don't think we have removed anything, so let's just go to changes and additions:


• 'Works with Few reviews' requisites have changed; now topics will be there up to 5 replies instead of 2.
• Scrolling bars have been tweaked to fit better with the YC default theme. 
• Tweaked other small aspects of the YC default theme, expect more soon.
• Chat announcements are now center-aligned by default.


• Added several manually awardable badges.

Some of them have been already given. Some of them not and they're waiting for you to get them!

• Added several automatic badges:
More are possibly on the way, though the system is limited. All suggestions are welcome!

• Added a Twitter tab linking to @chopin's Twitter
(mostly, YC and Music Jotter news will be posted there). YC also has a new Discord, which many of you know of already!

• Added a fully-functional night theme. You can switch themes at the bottom of the forums. image.png

Currently, only the default one and this "Nightvision" theme are fully made. I am kinda proud of the work done this last weekend so give it a try even if you don't like dark themes and tell me how it feels and anything that you might think that be misbehaving.

That'd be all for now; we'll keep trying to improve and add stuff, again all suggestions are welcome. Thank you all for keeping this forum alive and bring your works, reviews, basically on investing your time here. YC is such a nice place and I'm sure it'll get better and more populated with time.

Best regards,
Daniel–Ømicrón, proud member of YC.

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Thanks @Omicronrg9 for the updates, and especially for your work on the night theme. The night theme is such a great addition to the forum, and I encourage people to use it and let us know how it can be improved. We will take notes and apply those notes to the default theme as well.

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On 3/29/2023 at 5:45 PM, AngelCityOutlaw said:

I use night themes even during the day 😎

Me too, glad you find it useful. Don't hesitate to tell me in case you find something weird and I'll see if I can fix whatever it be using my VERY limited knowledge, lol.

Kind regards!!

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