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Air in c minor


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Aria in c minor written to my son Jonas 05.05.23.


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Hi @Simen-N,

Wow this is utterly beautiful stuff! All the suspensions, imitations, modulations, multi-voice melody are fascinating! So fluent throughout the whole piece and for me I cannot find any impurity here! With all these techniques is easy to fall to mere technicality but here it's not! The emotion is much enhanced by those techniques. What a great air this is and it's deeply moving. Maybe just one thing: the volume of the harpsichord can be louder, but that's it. Thanks for sharing Simen!


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First of all I couldn't avoid commenting that the clefs and keys are in cursive, a bit surprising thing that means nothing probably but I couldn't just not comment it.

M39-43 were my favourite bars, but everything was just great. It flows, the ostinatos are meaningful, the whole piece is. I would say the same as Luis, perhaps some section featuring the harpsichord without the violin would have been great too, but the piece is, again, great as it is now. You made in my opinion a very smart move ending this in C Major as otherwise the piece may have been not successfully solved to my taste. I just felt and read the ending was going to be a bit scarce but turns out it was just enough.

Congratulations, Simen.

Kind regards,


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