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Found 3 results

  1. I am interested in how different composers choose the keys for their works. Do you do it based on the instruments (some keys are easier than others)? Or do you try to write in a variety of keys, just to mix things up? Or do you believe in the debated 'Key Psychology', where different keys conjure up different moods? Some examples of this are E-flat major, often regarded as having a noble sound, and F Minor being an extremely sad key. Do you really think there are differences between keys, or do you think that so long as they use the same basic scale or mode that they are the same? I'm looking forward to your views on this! (If you don't have time to write a full response, you can just fill in the poll!)
  2. Some piano music....open to new music opportunities. www.carldoesmusic.com
  3. over the years i thought in terms of do-re-mi-etc the key degrees inside any key. even if i'm not in Cmajor but rather in E major for example, in my mind the root was always "do". the fifth of the scale/key was always a "sol" (when in reality i hit B) and it was orange in my mind. i attributed all of them a particular color. ("re" - the second degree of the key is yellow, etc) the problem is, me trying to play the guitar, i can get lost if i don't play in C major, because sometimes i loose track of the shape (that guides me to the root of the key), and when i'm a bit lost i pay attention at what note i'm at, and i see a B flat for example.. which tells me nothing (in respect to what key it belongs, and what degree of that key this B flat is) so.. i kind of never really learned keys. but when doing a solo, especially in a more fast one, i doubt one could think in terms of "i need to hit an F sharp right now because the Dmajor chord is coming", i suspect guitarists think in terms of "i need to hit the major third because the root of the key is coming" - this would be universal to all keys and there shouldn't be weird situation like being a master guitarist when playing in Cmajor but a complete beginer if the song is in Dmajor. i'm confused.. how do you guys think inside a key? 1.do you think in terms of key degrees ("i should hit the major third now") and if so how exactly do you "name" the note in your mind, 3? or mi? (like i did) and if so how do you relate these degrees to the actual note that plays (B flat for example)? 2.or do you actually learned keys, and play with the actual note names in your mind. but how do you know the Bflat minor chord sounds plain sad if you don't know that it's the sixth degree of the key (without this degree the simple note of Bflat means nothing - if its not in a context)?
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