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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I will be posting the submissions for the Summer 2020 Competition as replies to this thread. I will send out a notice to all the entrants once all of the submissions have been uploaded. Each entry will be randomly assigned a letter (A, B, C, D, etc.). Thank you in advance for your patience, and congratulations to all of the entrants for completing your submissions.
  2. This is my submission for the Summer Competition. Please read the Program Notes for further explanation. As usual, comments and feedback is absolutely welcome! Thanks in advance...
  3. YC 2016 SUMMER COMPETITION RESULTS Reviewing and scoring has been completed by the judges. Before I share the results, I just want to say a few things: Firstly, I again want to congratulate all the entrants who participated. You guys really stepped up and submitted some wonderful entries! I also hope we can have this type of participation in future competitions! Secondly, I want to thank the judges for their time. I'm sure they would all agree with me when I say that it was really hard to pick a winner for this contest. Thirdly, and most importantly....all scores/reviews are highly subjective, as usual. If you have a problem, or need further clarification, please show good sportsmanship spirit and kindly ask individual judges instead of whining about it on a public forum. For reference, below are the entries that were submitted: Monarcheon's Variations on a Wanderer's Theme: http://www.youngcomposers.com/t34087/variations-on-a-wanderers-theme/ Marc 'O C's Airs from Titus Andronicus: http://www.youngcomposers.com/t34092/airs-from-titus-andronicus/ Ken320's Everything that Grows: http://www.youngcomposers.com/t34093/everything-that-grows/ Jared S. Destro's King Lear Overture: http://www.youngcomposers.com/t34098/king-lear-overture-in-c-minor/ Luderart's Nine Sententiae for String Trio Op. 277: http://www.youngcomposers.com/t34101/nine-sententiae-for-string-trio-op-277/ Fishyfry's Like as the Waves Make Towards the Pebbled Shore: http://www.youngcomposers.com/t34114/like-as-the-waves-make-towards-the-pebbled-shore/ Gylfi's Chant and Variations: http://www.youngcomposers.com/t34115/chant-and-variations-on-shakespeare‘s-127th-sonnet/ Noah Brode's Coriolanus: http://www.youngcomposers.com/t34116/coriolanus/ Austenite's Julius Caesar, Op. 41: http://www.youngcomposers.com/t34117/julius-caesar-op-41/ KJ's Hamlet: http://www.youngcomposers.com/t34118/hamlet-ycf-summer-competition-entry/ And now, without further ado, here are the tabulated scores (in order of submission): Variations on a Wanderer’s Theme - Monarcheon danishali903: 53 Bkho: 50 Sojar: 52 Johnbucket: 39.5 TOTAL: 194.5/200 Airs from Titus Andronicus - Marc O’ Callaghan danishali903: 36 Bkho: 39.5 Sojar: 41.5 Johnbucket: 26.5 TOTAL: 143.5/200 Everything that Grows - Ken320 danishali903: 53 Bkho: 50 Sojar: 54 Johnbucket: 40.5 TOTAL: 197.5/200 King Lear Overture - Jared S. Destro danishali903: 33.5 Bkho: 45.5 Sojar: 36 Johnbucket: 31.5 TOTAL: 146.5/200 Nine Sententiae for String Trio - Luderart danishali903: 36 Bkho: 37 Sojar: 40 Johnbucket: 23.5 TOTAL: 136.5/200 Like as the Waves Make Towards the Pebbled Shore - Fishyfry danishali903: 42 Bkho: 46.5 Sojar: 46.5 Johnbucket: 33.5 TOTAL: 168.5/200 Chant and Variations on Shakespeare’s 127th Sonnet - Gylfi danishali903: 37 Bkho: 38.5 Sojar: 36 Johnbucket: 43 TOTAL: 154.5/200 Coriolanus - Noah Brode danishali903: 40 Bkho: 45.5 Sojar: 41.5 Johnbucket: 31 TOTAL: 158/200 Julius Caesar Op.41 - Austenite danishali903: 50 Bkho: 49.5 Sojar: 51.5 Johnbucket: 40.5 TOTAL: 191.5/200 Hamlet - KJthesleepdeprived danishali903: 39 Bkho: 45 Sojar: 41.5 Johnbucket: 35.5 TOTAL: 161/200 RANKINGS: 1st: Ken320 2nd: Monarcheon 3rd: Austenite Congratulations to Ken320, the winner of YC's Summer 2016 Competition!
  4. Hello all, This is my entry for this summer's Shakespeare contest. It is based on two soliloquies from the play Titus Andronicus. Enjoy! Marc
  5. This thread is only for entrants for the summer competition to post their entries. If you have comments/questions/concerns, please post them on the competition announcement thread: Directions (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY): 1. DO NOT UPLOAD YOUR ENTRY DIRECTLY TO THIS THREAD! 2. Upload your music as if you would in one of the appropriate composition category threads (orchestral/large ensembles, chamber, choral, etc.) 3. Copy the link and paste it on this thread. PLEASE DO NOT POST ANYTHING ELSE EXCEPT ENTRIES! I also have reposted the scoring guideline below for reference: Piece's relation to chosen Shakespeare work - pretty self explanatory: /15 points Structure and coherence - also pretty self explanatory: /15 points Instrumentation/Orchestration - how well did you write for your instrument(s), etc.: /10 points Quality of the Score: /8 points Audio Quality: /2 points (Points above [in total out of 50 pts] are given at the judges' discretion: for instance, with "Structure and coherence", an entrant can be given anywhere between 0-15pts.) 5 BONUS points will be given (at the discretion of the judges) if entrant provides a PDF program of their work. The deadline to submit is August 15th, 11:59 PM EST. NO EXCEPTIONS! Good Luck to Everyone!
  6. 2014 SUMMER COMPETITION June – July – August (Cancelled) Topic: Compose a single-movement tone poem for orchestra on a medieval theme. It can be about a fable, a myth, an urban legend, a folk tale, and so on (some very good suggestions can be found here). It can be in any style - baroque, classical, romantic, dodecaphonic, etc - but it must somehow evoke a medieval atmosphere. This atmosphere can be found in the instrumentation, old structures, harmonies, use of fauxbourdon, plainchant, parallel fifths… Be creative! Scoresheet: Creativity: 30pts. Did you pick an interesting theme? Is it well developed musically? Is the ancient medieval atmosphere present in the work? This criterion will measure the effectiveness of thematic, harmonic, and rhythmic material and how they are utilized as they relate to the main theme and the general concepts of tone poem. Structure and coherence: 25pts. Although the tone poem does not require a solid form or structure, this criterion concerns the internal coherence of the musical work, the exposition of ideas, and their further development. Instrumentation: 25pts. Does the instrumentation reflect the main theme? Is the orchestra well used? Program Notes: 10pts. Differently from past competitions, program notes will not automatically grant 10pts: the judges must here understand enough about the theme upon which the tone poem was composed to judge it. Clarity and effectiveness will be considered. (Please submit the program notes on a separate PDF file or in the score file on an introductory page.) Score quality: 5pts. Are the pages cluttered and difficult to read? or is there too much white-space? unneeded clashes between notes and other markings? effective use of accidentals? effective use of dynamic and instructional markings? etc. Audio quality: 5pts. Is the volume too high or too low, with headphones and without? Are the various instruments clear and effective? Is the orchestra well balanced? (Points above [in total out of 100pts per judge] are given at the judges' discretion: eg, for Creativity an entry may be given anywhere between 0-30pts. Points below are given in full, per judge, if conditions are satisfied; otherwise no points are given.) Theoretical Analysis (NOT as Program Notes above; and the Analysis must be on a separate PDF from the score, Program Notes, and description panel, or on an introductory page of the score file): 5pts. General Rules: A score in an independent PDF file and an audio file (not an external link to YouTube, SoundCloud, or any other site but the present one) are required. Without both the entry will be disqualified. The entry must consist of only one movement or part. No others will be considered. Confusion about movements or parts may be resolved at the judges' discretion or by moderation. 3-10 minute time limit, 10 second leeway. Deceeding or exceeding this limit, the entry will be disqualified. Deadline: 31st of August, midnight (PST). Pieces not posted by this time will be disqualified. Signup: Sign up below whether you'd like to be a judge or an entrant; specify which. First come, first served. Judges (four limit; two minimum required to proceed¹): favi wayne-scales (interim; may be replaced) Morivou U238 Entrants (ten limit; three minimum required to proceed²): Thatguy v2.0 mk390 KJthesleepdeprived Michael Armstrong PSaun Muulka dapontel ¹The number of judicable entrants may increase or decrease per competition by a unanimous vote of the judges. The number of judges may increase or decrease per competition by a unanimous vote of the judges. In either case, minimums are fixed and may not be changed. By unanimous vote, judges may also alter General Rules and give Deadline leeway per competition viability. No vote may be held until the minimum requirement (2) for competition initiation is met. Votes and the effect of vote outcomes may be subject to moderation and the arbitration of administrators; except when the moderator or administrator is also a judge, an entrant, or otherwise active in the competition. ²Despite the exceeding number of participants, only the first (10) entrants' uploads will be considered. Those listed above after the first (10) entrants may still enter pieces, though they will only be considered after primary entrants either withdraw or are disqualified. Those wishing to re-enter after withdrawing will be placed at the end of the list, and are subject to the preceding rules stated: those re-entering will be considered as new entrants. Entries will only be considered if they are posted by the above stated Deadline and follow under the above stated General Rules. These procedures have been adopted due to significant withdrawals in previous competitions. For Further Information: Go here, message the OP, a reviewer, a moderator, or an admin (list: here). - Because the Topic, Scoresheet, General Rules, and rules of participation may change as issues come up, it might be well to follow this thread to get updates as they do.
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