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    Concerto per violino, archi e bass continuo in b minor "Paradiso e inferno". written 20.06.19 - 25.06.19. Been some time since i wrote a concerto, so here is my summer contribution. Three part concerto written in the late italian school. I. Allegro - paradiso: 4/4 time, livly tempo and fugures, high in the register of the violin (Heaven it is!), the triumph key of d major. II. Adagio - cadere dalla grazia (fall from grace) 4/4 time. slow pace, rethorical use of rets, b, minor III. Vivace - inferno, 4/4 time, fast pace, slaming fugres, chromatic downward passages (going down to hell), b minor Please tell me what you think SimenN
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    Kind of reminds me of Beethoven's variations in C minor which takes a simple harmonic progression and varies in a multitude of interesting ways but definitely with some Lisztian flair as previously noted. Well done.
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    This has a very Liszt-like quality to it -that I love. I like the simplicity of your material -you develop the four note motif nicely (and with great interest). The harmonic exploration is also very much welcome -I especially loved the chromaticism towards the end. Good work -nice growth!
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    All in all, not bad. I like the way you handle counterpart. I'd of loved to have seen a little more chromaticism here -winds handle it so well. I look forward to hearing more!
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