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What is currently your favorite piece of music?

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Boléro by Ravel. It's amazing!!!

My friends think I'm weird when I hum that to myself walking through the halls at school. It's not very hummable, which compounds the difficulty.

And simultaneously leads to other's doubt of your sanity.

I get alot of Philipp Glass caught in my head. I share your embarassment!

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Got to be Dvorak cello concerto in B minor, I'm learning it at the moment and let me tell you, its an amazing experience to be able to play some of it. Its bloody hard though.

Followed VERY closely by waltz from eugene onegin by tchaikovsky, then after that creatures of prometheus by beethoven.

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my favorite pieces of music are choral in style and are composed by Eric Whitacre. HIs Sleep, Water Night, and in his instrumental category October

My ensemble just played an arrangement of his October, ironically for the October concert.

I played the cello part.

Very rich textures, that piece has.

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Currently . . . the piece of music that has my attention is this new opera by Robert Aldridge called Elmer Gantry. I am in love with it. I think it is freakin brilliant. It is up there with Pucinni I think. It has some extremely captivating and gorgeous moments.

There are segments from the opera on his webstie:

bob aldridge

There are segments from the opera performance in Nashville on youtube:

YouTube - operaaaaaaaaaah's Channel

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