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October 2008 Submissions Thread

Dirk Gently

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Guest MoosyCoosy


I'm sure most of you recognize this well known lion, Aslan. When I saw this the first time I felt a desire to portray it from a musical perspective. I wanted to find a sound that describes the god-like characteristics of this mighty creature. I wanted it to sound bombastic and very majestic. So I got busy and started experimenting with different orchestral sounds. What I came up with was a 30 second piece which I'm quite satisfied with, but then my computer comletely broke down and I haven't had the time to finish it.I now the piece had to be at least 3 minutes, and equipped with a pdf, and I don't have that either:( Which according to the rules makes me a non qualifier.

But here is an mp4 of how far i got at least. Enjoy!

Magnificent Lion.m4a - File Shared from Box.net - Free Online File Storage

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Solo piano. It's basically intro-A-B-A' with the B section acting as a happier, less dark contrast, with a share of delusion IMO. While A rests upon the ground as seen in the picture, B sits among the dancing stars so to speak. The intro from B to A is anxious and sudden, almost disjointed, as if to break the middle section's delusion and hop back into the melancholy of the night.

MP3: http://www.box.net/shared/f5amlsleyn#Nocturne_for_Piano_in_C-sharp_

Nocturne in C-sharp minor.pdf

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Berlioz - I really love this peice, and I think it really did a great job with accurately potraying the picture you posted.

2. Enigmus - I really like this piece as well, and it came in a CLOSE second. I love the harmony.

3. M is D - I didn't really get a serene, night time-esque, feel from this piece. Even though it is titled Nocturne.

4. Moosy Coosy - Did not fulfill the requirements.

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