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Competition for trumpet solo


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okay so i have been looking for a nice piece for trumpet to play in church. Now i've found a few pieces, but nothing really tickles my fancy. So i thought, hey, why not make a competition out of it. I'm sure someone here will be up to it!

so here's what i need.

-a ballad preferably. something pretty, and musical. remember, i am playing this in church.

-range is from (concert) f below middle c to the C above the staff.

- double and triple tonguing are acceptable

- make sure the phrases are able to be played in a breath (dont make like a 32 bar phrase... because that just doesnt exactly work out on trumpet)

-i'd love a piece with a melody, something that people will have in their heads for the next four years (what i mean is, nothing that just kind of makes itself up as it goes)

hmmm yea. if there's anything else that comes up i'll add it.

the winner gets their piece performed not only for my church, but possibly out in the community. I can also make a recording if they wish.


Justin Tokke



may or may not be accompanied

it's up to you

anyone up to it?

thanks much everyone:toothygrin:


January 16th at midnight

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Molto importante destra... molto. Must know.

hi enigmus :P this is not totally italian! you shouldn't use the automatic translation, because in english, with one word (right) you define the...

1) ...correctness of something "this is right!"

2) ...difference between left and "right"

3) ...what is wrong and what is "right"

4) ...the things i am allowed to do, so that i have the "right" to do

5) ...hmm no more ideas but sure there are many more :)

so, it would be "Molto importante, giusto.... molto."

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I didn't use a translator... I just happened to know those words. Should have known they wouldn't actually go together. I know a tad of French and German, no Italian. :w00t:

PS. I thought destra was "there" also. Oh well, guess I guessed wrong somewhere. *recalibrates tiny morsel of italian knowledge in head*

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hmm. maybe i was a bit misleading when i said church

i just meant a melodic piece that is sweet and mellow.

something FIT to play in a church.

any church.

i just want something beautiful and melodic.

no other restrictions.

beautiful and melodic.

whether it's happy, sad, troublesome, encouraging... it's all up to you the composer.

i'm keeping this as open as possible.

if i KNEW exactly what i wanted, then i'd write it.

i'd like to see some creativity in this.

so once again



No other restrictions.

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