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I had a thought!

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Okay, here goes:

How many of you guys use the Firefox app "StumbleUpon"? Basically, it gives you a little button that gives you random websites within certain categories you set. As I was stumbling bored through the pages of the internet I wondered... "What if I Stumbled upon YC?" Then I went to the forum page, and clicked "Like" to see if it had been previously suggested... and it hadn't!

So I was thinking... What if we tried to get more traffic through that venue? I added YC as a new suggestion, and I think the way it works is that the more people who "Like" it, the more frequently it shows up on user's browsers?

So, in short, if all the StumbleUpon users on YC click "Like" then we could possibly bring in more new members. Also, if you don't have StumbleUpon, you can get it by going to Tools->Addons then Search for it.

Yea or Nay?


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