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Gender Confusion

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Does it make anyone else feel weird that whenever you favorite a female composer's work, then on your profile it says: "RandomFemaleMember" (Favorited his works: 1 times)?

Now, I'm not one of those people who's totally crazy about equal male/female rights, but still, there must be a way to fix this. I mean, I'm a guy, and if someone favorited one of my works, I wouldn't want it to say (Favorited her works: 1 times).

Maybe it could say "his/her." Even if we just replace "his" with "their," I'd rather it be gender neutral than grammatically correct.

Anyway, not sure if this is in the right section of the forum since it's not a big technical problem. (Mods/Admins feel free to move this post around.) It's just something kinda funny that I noticed about YC itself, that I wanted to bring to the attention of the forum.

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Thanks for bringing this up — definitely needs to be fixed so I'll look into it. :)

Haha, yeah. I'm surprised no one's noticed it before. Maybe the site's just so male heavy that it would normally make sense to see "his." But then I faved this girl's work, and I was like "Wait, what?" :-D

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We're having a final wave of bug fixes in the next week or two. Many nuisances will be addressed, such as the avatar problem, and the birthday error. I'll try my best to fix a lot of these small problems myself though, as I am sure there are many grammatical errors within the site (the programmers are not native English speaking). I am learning php pretty well now so it shouldn't be a problem fixing these string errors. But I don't want to speak too soon, YC is a complex system, and I will try my best to break it down and analyze how it all works once development is finalized.

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