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Pulling a Sibelius

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Hi everyone,

As is my custom, I'll be flying off to Romania (later than usual) for a couple of weeks. I just wanted to drop a note in here in case someone's looking for me — I'm not gone or dead, just hiding in the mountains. Read some more in the blog post:


I bid you all a fond farewell for now and will see you again in September :happy:

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Have a good time in Romania. You will be missed.

I cannot wait for that cello piano piece. I know you are known for your media music, but I know you for both your concert stuff and your media stuff. I do like your film and game music a lot, but I think you actually write really exciting and wonderful concert music. You just don't do it often enough. Your 6 hand piano piece and your adaptation of Faust are two of my favorites.

See you in September.

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