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Opus 9, Madrigal no 1, written for SSATB(lyrics : Bright Star by John Keats). Full album cover and more music available here : https://www.reverbnation.com/mademoisellelilaclucrezia


Opus 9.mp3


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It's a pity that this kind of vocal compositions lose part of their power because of the simulation of the voices.

I'm not into this neo-medieval music. The counterpoint sounds good to me and there are occasional dissonances that make it a bit spicy.

One thing I don't understand is why there are two sopranos singing unison all the time.

One suggestion: not sure the software you are using but it's easy to resize and reduce everything a little so as to fit two system in one page, it's better to follow the score.

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The soprano fix is not a bad idea, unless there is an underlying reason. other than that. the sixteenth notes in the 19th bar. i thought they sounded fine, but in actual performance some choirs might have trouble. but in saying that, it's more pertinent to a performance rather than composition. i wasn't sure if the slurs were a madrigal way of notation. but if you mean to notate it in a way more people might recognize, it might be fine to just use one slur when sluing 3 notes instead of 2 slurs. that. might be confusing. but yeah. other than that it sounds fine. My choir director, when ever we sing a madrigal, always tells us it's a conversation. traditional sing in a quartet. might mean something to you, might not. 

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