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The show went on

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Hi Dchrisanthako:

Very impressive..  great sounds nice orchestration.. Great lead singer..  I would call it orchestral pop, or symphonic pop... or Adult contemporary..  Can't wait to hear more..  Excellent.. great parts.. it totally masks the simple chord progression..  The orchestration and lines, add to the chord progression to make it seem more complicated than it is..  A nice composing device, which I like to use sometimes.. Keep up the great work, and 'more please'..

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Hello Dchisanthako!

I'm going to agree with markstyles - your genre seems to be symphonic pop!

I do like this! You guys did a good job...

But I think... for the ending notes of each sentence/phrase, there ought to be a more cleaner finish - I don't know whether it was arranged like that, but although the singer's voice was rather wonderful, like at the end of "The show goes o-o-on" on the "on" section, there was some "shaky notes". I'm not saying that you have to stay on ONE note at the end of these phrases, I do like the strings of - melisma, was it? - but the rhythm that you chose didn't seem to entirely hit the beat that the accompanying instruments were on.

Also, one note for recording vocals - because your instrumentals were quite passionate, I think it is important to make sure that the singers are able to have dynamical differentiation. From what I hear, the vocals are in one volume, and the instruments are moving at its own pace.

:) Hope I wasn't too harsh!!!

Keep going!


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Hi Dchisanthako

Not sure how, guess cause I've visited the youtube link.. but the song pops up, when I go scouring youtube for song ideas..  I say this song is REALLY is growing on me..  I loved it the first time I heard it..  You have the talent, to use a very ample amount of arranging and production tools and techniques, to let the listener continue to discover 'audio gems' on repeated listens..  The singer is great, I feel that I really 'know' him. I love that you kept it close miked and dry, for that 'personal' sound.. His subtle doubled answers, the higher register ad-libs, the back ground singers.. 

Drumming is quite tasty..  Everything about this is a 'classic'  I'm gonna have to come back and listen to this with pen and paper and make note of all the techniques used..  

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Hi everyone!

I've been away from the forum (holidays) for a long time... Sorry I didn't get back sooner 

@Luis HernándezThanks for the comment and glad you liked it :)

@phython I'm not sure I get what you mean exactly... Maybe you're right, but maybe you're hearing that because in most places the voice hits each phrase's final note one 16th before the actual change of harmony, like in "anticipation" I don't know the technical term in english... ;)

About the dynamics, note taken. You're not too harsh, the point of critique is not only praise, but also getting good advice from people... So thx :)


Thank you man for your great comments and the support!!! It's true, this piece was intented as a blockbuster/ tour de force piece, and I think there are many (maybe too many) elements that one cannot hear with one listening of it. Especially nowdays that everyone listens only to let's say 1st minute of a song, a lot of what goes on with it goes unoticed. I've had friends telling me "wow, it's nice" and when I ask them "did you like the counterpoint?" they just stare at me like "What counterpoint?", and I tell them listen to it again please and not only the first 30sec of it :ppppp

But, you know, it is my first song. Besides expressing, and really letting out some things in my mind with it, I intended it as a "showcase" of what we can be done/ what we can do, if we're given a chance.

There will be more coming out before 2016 ends ;)

Thank you again, you made my day!  

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