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City of Mysteries -- Piano Series

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These piano tracks are meant to add atmosphere to my Silent Hills game project. These are meant to be listened to with half volume as they are for background music.



Inspired by Akira Yamaoka's music


Edited by Hans Zimr
new tracks!
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1. The rhythm feels uneven and the melody obscures the point of the track in my opinion. At the ending portion when the left hand is hitting on every beat, the atmosphere is an uncomfortable place between frantic and calm, to the point where the audience would feel taken out of it rather than invested. 

2. I like this one a lot. Very nice taking advantage of the low tones to get that feeling while still staying with a somewhat tonal center, or how it sounds at least. The bit with the ghost tones was kind of unnecessary though? Not sure what that was about.

3. I see this one as a kind of callback to the first one for some reason in how the beginning is executed. The addition of the soprano line is an interesting twist to the atmosphere as well. 

Overall, I'm not sure if I would imagine this in a Silent Hill game per se... maybe Shattered Memories or Silent Hill 4, but this is a little disconnected to the big ones like 2 and PT. Maybe with exception of the second one. Have you played Dread Out? For some reason it matches that better for me. But on their own it's still impressive; nice. 

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Yeah it is for Silent Hill 4/Shattered Memos because the tracks are random that is why I added as s to the 'Hill'. It was random like Alice in Wonderland trip gone wrong. I never heard of Dread Out. I google it and it scared me! I'll check it out and listen to the soundtracks......

I might make tracks that sounds like the main series in the future for now it is for the minority...

Edited by Hans Zimr
Small keyboards these days are hard to type on for 6'8 guys lmao
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