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Every Day The Same Dream


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This was my final composition project for last year! The 7(/4) time signature was chosen from the beginning; being the number of days in the week it is meant to symbolise the repetitiveness of life during boring times, when every day feels the same: we feel trapped in the same dream -- everyday. No sadness, no happiness. Just a dream. We feel trapped, we try to escape, we get increasingly desperate... But in the end we all fall back down into our prison.
The audio was recorded live -- I am the pianist; the performance was ill-rehearsed (we had very little time) and the higher-quality camera/micro ran out of storage mid recording so I had to upload the low-quality one :P
Anyway, please don't get mad at anything different from the score or any mistakes or fumblings (there are many :sweat:). Any feedback welcome!!

PS: the slurs were meant as phrase markings, not bow slurs.

Violin and viola - Richard Tomes & David Wyn Lloyd, teachers at the Academia de Música de São João da Madeira, Aveiro, Portugal.

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Nice stuff! Couple things:
1. I thought some of the transitions (mainly the first big one) were a tad bit abrupt, but I think that may be a performance issue, since there's an implied lead in in the score. Just know sometimes, "implied" is not enough.
2. Try to not use slurs for strings as phrase markings. Modern editions of works rarely do this anymore and there are better ways to show the phrase (i.e. dynamics, articulation, etc.).

I like how something always added on to what was already there. It felt very developed that way which is a great change of pace.


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