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Hi, I've discovered this forum a few days ago and I though that I could join it to share my work here, and the most important, have some real feedback from my songs (because you know, not everybody will give feedback as good as given by people who also make music)

I'd like to note one thing before you listen to the song. Actually I don't have any sort of musical preparation, none than self taught, and so I don't know a lot about pentagrams and all those things, but other than that, I can understand most of the things related to the music itself

Without further delay, here's the song, I hope you like it (oh and sorry if bad english, I'm spanish :tongue:)


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Your English looks perfectly fine to me, don't worry.

On your piece: I like it. It has a nice sound to it and definitely fits into the style of these bombastic and dramatic film/video-game scores. I suppose my complaint is that it might fit that niche a little bit too well. The tempo and theme stays fairly static throughout, and I feel there could have been some countermelody going on rather than the theme simply being passed along instruments (for instance have the violins have a moving phrase that ascends and descends in the background during the theme). Doing something like that will give the piece more weight and texture, whereas here it's very easy to break down exactly what is going on with the instruments and music. At first I didn't like the piano chord at the end, but it is growing on me. I'm not much a fan of the drum roll though, it seems awfully out of place with the tone of the rest of the piece unless you are using it to transition into something else (often found in soundtrack music).

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Wish the chords could change a little bit. i - VII - iv - V (or v) grows a bit tiresome.
SebastianViola's suggestion about melody transfer and countermelody is a good one, and one I would attempt to use in the future. It both creates depth and serves as a placeholder for any held note in the main melody.
The section at around 1:26 tried to this I can tell, but the tones did not compliment each other well, considering the spectra of both ranges, and simply the fundamentals of both.
Parallel octaves in the melody should not be done so often. It's an effect thing rather than actual orchestration-based design.

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1 hour ago, SebastianViola said:

The tempo and theme stays fairly static throughout

It's true that basically all my songs are pretty static and don't flow so much, and since finishing this one I've been making efforts to improve that, and so I made another composition (a few weeks ago) that is still a bit repetitive, but I'm getting to some point

Thanks for your reviews, I'll be around here often :grin:



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It definitely has that feeling when you are listening to a film or video game score. When I saw the title I couldn't help but think this is going to have a fire/brimstone/elder scrolls type of sound and when I heard it, I think it fit the title perfectly.

However, my time spent in these forums has taught me a lot about counter melodies (which I'm beginning to get more involved in) which would really amplify that emotion you have in this.

The small drum roll in the end *sounded* nice...but as @SebastianViola said it was out of place. Though it would've been ok if it led into a high point...but it ended.

Overall, I like the emotion you were trying to show and it is a great piece of work but just needs that extra push.

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