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1 instrument per person

Casper Belier

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Casper has already written for the Timpani and sent it to me and I added a viola in there, but JoeViola if you want you can totally take over the viola and I'll erase what I've done. I personally wanted the flute while I was going through different instruments. 

So Casper has the Timpani score and will need certain instruments to play during certain times. 

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@bassoongirl123@LostSamurai@JoeViola@Maarten Bauer

okay guys, because now we have a lot of participants, The way we are going to manage to all work on the piece, is by using the same programs, 


For score and sound we will use Musescore 2: download here: https://musescore.org/ I hope you can all figure out how the program works, if you have questions, ask me I know the program very well.

For sending the musescore file to eachother we can all use One Drive, I will make it so we can only post new scores, so we can keep track of how the peice has developed.: https://onedrive.live.com/

Please send me an private message with your email, and I will add you to the OneDrive


I think the most interesting way to do the composing part is when an person can only touch his own instrument's score. ofcourse, copying lines is allowed to make for some unison!

Greetings, take care.


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No it's not too late to join, in fact, I wanted to start us off with the violin. I have the score, midi, and a chord and note document all in one folder called "midi and score" in One Drive.

Casper Belier will send you guys the link to One Drive. You will need a Gmail account which is quick and easy, or if you already have one you will need to sign-in to One Drive using your email and password.

We can all take turns. The violin is up first and has a melody going. Now maybe we could have someone take that, add in something, and the next person will carry forth etc.

So to start in the order of interest the next person to add something in would be:

2.) Casper Belier - Timpani 

3.) Maarten Bauer - Alto Saxophone

4.) JoeViola - Viola

5.) Bassoongirl 13 - Clarinet

6.) Ranger - Oboe

Then comes back to me - Violin

(I encourage everyone to team up with others and come up with different sections of your own and incorporate that into the overall piece.)

If your turn is up and you are having trouble with sound, clashing, dissonance, or it can even be something like you are waiting for a specific measure to come in etc. Be sure to let the team know here in this topic. If your instrument cannot fit into what is written at that time, we'll discuss how we can introduce that instrument later. 

If you are to complete your part, upload the score and sound file to One Drive so the next person are able to download them.

If there are any ideas you would like to hear, feel free to express your thoughts. 

Side Note:

I'm not familiar with MuseScore at all, so if you guys can make my violin parts sound better, I beg you to do so hahaha.

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