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HELP! Name of this piece?

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Hello everybody,

Yesterday, my grandmother and I were talking about classical music. My grandmother told me that she want this piece to be played at her funeral, but she does not know the name of it, nor the composer. The only thing she has, is the video with pictures of gardens. The video is called ''Jardins pour rêver.''

She said the composer is French, but I am not sure.

I cannot attach the file, because it is a PPS file and I do not know how to extract it without losing the audio. Therefore I have recorded it with my smartphone microphone.

Please can you help me (and my grandmother) to find the name of the piece? She would be so thankful!





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23 hours ago, luderart said:

Hi Maarten,

No music can be heard on my browser. Perhaps you forgot to attach the recording?


And now? 

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1 hour ago, MarizaCabral said:

Hello Maarten.  A chamber group could learn this piece by ear to play it for your grandmother. Best wishes to you and her.

Hello Mariza, 

Thanks for you response. I think I am going to write it down on paper and compose some variations.
Next years she will become 80 years old, so I could give a recording to her as a birthday present.

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