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This is a little sketch that is not in any form or style. If anyone has suggestions and comments, please give them.


Revision notes:

Thanks everyone for the comments. Here's the next edition of it. Again, I'll take any feed back



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Couple things I noticed:
1. I would add some slurs, especially in your solo flute part, otherwise it sounds a lot more pointillist than I think you might have intended. The strings could use them as well, as their bowings don't always work out.
2. Your uke chords are kind of hard to play and they won't really sound up that high on the instrument. I would probably give them a bass voice, and a chord marking to make it a little smoother.
3. Make sure you label what percussion sound you want in the score. Percussionists have gotten mad at me in the past for not continuously defining the notes on the staff.
4. Chord spacing is difficult to pull when you have such a limited ensemble. The voices, especially in the strings could be more evenly spaced if you want that feeling of serenity, otherwise it sounds more on the Rococo side rather than the Romantic.

Otherwise I think it looks good! I couldn't listen to it, though. :( Please find a way for us to hear it sometime.

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1. Okay, I'll work with smoothing it out and keeping the strings on the proper bowings. 

2. Yes, I know, I should have mentioned that the reason I was doing it like that was just for the sound on the MIDI play back. My version of Finale does not have a ukulele sound so I was using a harp sound and just labeled it Ukulele. I will put in the chord names though so that if a ukulele player other than me plays it, they'll know what to play. 

3. Ah, okay. I don't have much experience with writing for percussion (or anything for that matter, but especially percussion). I'll make notes of what I want.

4. Okay, I'll work on the voicing.

Thanks so much for the comments! I really appreciate them! I'll try to get it into a format that can be heard. And I'll make the above mentioned revisions and post it when I'm done.


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