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Greetings YC Family! It's been a long time since I made a post and visited the forum. For those of you who may recognize me, you know that I was once an administrator on this site. My years on here have aided me in my ventures within the past decade. 

One of these ventures was the setup and creation of an online radio station devoted solely to promoting the works of new and emerging composers. This post, thus, serves two purposes:

1. To promote Et Lux Radio and encourage each and everyone of you to listen to the music of your peers as it is broadcast 24/7.


2. Make a formal call for live, or rendered, recordings of your works along with a signed affidavit giving Et Lux Radio permission to include the works within its broadcast. Submitted recordings need to be downloadable and in .mp3 format. They can be for any instrumentation and must be under 25 mins in length.

Please include in your submission a brief biography and any related program notes for your works. Submissions can be emailed to jaowoodr@gmail.com!

Thanks and I look forward to hearing your works!

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This is such a wonderful thing to have, I was actually wondering if some sort of a toggle-able radio or music player could be embedded on the forums playing all releases on it (select-able genre(s) would be awesome).. Then came ET Lux. Looking forward to try it out. Is there a minimum length for the tracks on the radio?

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2 1/2 to 3 mins would be the minimum. 

Ironically, years ago, we used to have a radio on the forum that would play the uploads. It wasn't that popular as you'd imagine. 

I'm planning on also having a program that features works rendered electronically (midi, garritan, etc.) So feel free to send those as well, if you like. 

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