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Piano Concerto No. in F, "Short"

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In an effort to embarrass and hate myself even more, I present to you my first attempt at a piano concerto just 3 years ago. It's heavily based off of the Ravel Piano Concerto since I was still working under established formats at the time. 
While it's nice to see I'm infinitely better than I was in a relatively short amount of time, it still fills me with rage and contempt to see pieces like this that I've done. I truly hate it. I hate seeing it, knowing there was a point I thought this was acceptable material.
It's a little longer than most things here since it's all 4 movements in one file, but I'd appreciate any listen throughs of it. 
Note: The first 14 or so seconds of the file are empty, but the concerto is there.

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Come on! Don't hate it!

Of course, having listened to your current works the evolution is clear. I think this is something that happens to most of us. I wonder if the stuff I work on today will be rejected by myself in a couple of years.

Anyway, the concert is fresh and has that point of ingenuity in some piano parts. I like you used only strings (which reminds me the Chopin piano concertos). Some parts sound more classic, other more Ravelian (m. 102...). Some sections are very nice (sección E).


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