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I think it's good. And nice performance.

The first part is very beautiful, it seems built on intervalic patterns with elaborated manipulation of the motive.

The theme and variations is also interesting (but var I as I say, a bit less)

The Var. I is a bit monotonous perhaps because it relies on scales and constant figures.

Var II recovers the spirit of variety and it's also nice.

As it is var. III perhaps the best (for me, in terms of taste). The register is covered very well.

Also the coda, which sounds a bit "pastoral" at times.

The third part (presto) is a bit similar to Var I, in terms of using scales and repeated figures, not all the time, but I think it functions a bit worse.

Because the meno moss (m. 244) again captures my total attention.

I can't say anything bad about Tempo I (m. 287...) It's another show of beauty. Nice portamento in the beginning.



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The music reminds me a bit of Bach's Partita in A minor for Flute.
Writing for solo flute is very difficult, but you manage to create nice melodies and chords that keep my interest at all time.
It has the same dancing atmosphere and I really like listening to this music!
The flute is a wonderful instrument and you write wonderful music for it.
Your flute writing is excellent.

Actually, I think this is one of the most beautiful pieces of yours that I have heard.
Very well done!

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