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Cool background drone and "heartbeat" stuff. The soundscape you've created is quite effective. Very slow build, which is nice - around 0:55 there's a background hiss or something. The crescendo is cool, but slightly abrupt - sounds like an accident - probably your software playback glitching out. In general (especially at the technical work around 2:40) your left hand is distracting me from hearing what your right hand is doing. Try for more of a balance, unless that's what you were aiming at? There's a nice balance between both hands, work to highlight that, not cover it :)

Good work, keep it up!

Gustav Johnson

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I'm liking this. I enjoyed the buildup in the beginning, you can feel the raw emotion. The second variation was cool.. good use of the left hand. My suggestion is perhaps have a middle voice during the sections when the left hand isn't so busy, just to give it some variety. Good work. 

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